FAQ - The Blueprint 100 Consortium

1. What is the Blueprint 100 Consortium?

The Blueprint 100 Consortium was selected to be part of the CCDU Blueprint development. The Consortium was led by Boffa Miskell and includes personnel from Woods Bagot, Populous, Sheppard and Rout, RCP, and Warren and Mahoney.

2. How was the Blueprint 100 Consortium selected?

A procurement process incorporating an open tender process was put in place by CERA. A panel of 12 persons drawn from both within CERA, CCC and project experts from many disciplines reviewed and ranked the 17 conforming submissions against a weighted decision-making matrix. Four consortia were shortlisted and invited to present their proposals at an interview. The preferred consortium, Blueprint 100, was selected following the interview process.

3. Where was the Blueprint team based during the 100-day period?

The Blueprint 100 consortium, CCC secondees and all CERA staff working on the Blueprint and the Recovery Plan were based in the CERA offices.

4. Was 100 days enough to develop the best Recovery Plan?

Yes. While the timeframe was tight, a significant amount of work had already been undertaken by CCC in the development of the draft Recovery Plan. The Blueprint 100 consortium consisted of professionals with a local, national and international knowledge that could be bought to bear within the timeframe.

5. What’s the difference between Blueprint 100’s report and the Recovery Plan?

The Blueprint 100 Consortium developed as a set of recommendations for CERA’s CCDU to consider. The recommendations included a proposed spatial plan for the city centre and outlined each of the anchor project concepts, placing them into their respective block context.

The Christchurch Central Recovery Plan has been prepared by CERA’s CCDU. It has been developed from the vision, concepts and proposed projects outlined in the draft Central City Plan prepared by CCC and taking on board the Blueprint 100 Consortium’s recommendations. To give effect to the Recovery Plan, work has also been undertaken on reviewing the Christchurch City Council’s District Plan (known as the City Plan) prepared under the RMA.

The Recovery Plan is a statutory document.

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