The Earthquake Memorial

On 4 September 2010, a series of earthquakes began that dramatically altered the landscape and people of Canterbury. The most damaging of the earthquakes was on 22 February 2011 – a 6.3 magnitude shake which devastated much of Christchurch city, causing widespread damage, serious injuries and the loss of 185 lives.

Now it's time to create a place to remember.

The Canterbury Earthquake Memorial will be a thoughtfully designed space where small groups or individuals can pay respect to those who died, as well as the many hundreds of people who were seriously injured.

The site for the Memorial is on a stretch of Ōtākaro/Avon River, between the Montreal Street bridge and Rhododendron Island.

Site of the Canterbury Earthquake Memorial.

It will acknowledge the trauma shared by the people of Canterbury, and provide somewhere to reflect on the damage to buildings and infrastructure, and the effects of liquefaction that have reshaped the city centre and surrounding areas.

The Memorial will also give recognition to the brave people who participated in the rescue and recovery operation in the hours and days following, and provide a special place for hosting events, such as an annual memorial gathering on 22 February.