Accessible City

He Taone Wātea

Key traffic changes

Accessible City is underway

Work for first central city travel network projects began 21 November 2014.

Keep up to date with key Accessible City traffic changes in the central city.

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Our central city needs to be safe, accessible, and people friendly. As we create exciting new places to live and visit in the central city, Accessible City will create the network which makes it easy, safe and enjoyable to move around.

An Accessible City plans for:

  • future road layouts
  • providing for pedestrians, cycles, public transport and private vehicles
  • speed zones and streetscapes
  • parking
  • service vehicle requirements

The An Accessible City transport chapter is an addendum to the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan, replacing the previous transport chapter, and was launched in October 2013. Work on the first group of projects will begin in late 2014.

Read about how Accessible City provides the plan for the best routes for travelling to, from and in-between the new Anchor Project destinations.

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Accessible City identifies the importance of enough parking as well as a balance of on-street and off-street parking across the central city.

The right balance means there will be enough car parks for a vibrant central city economy, while making sure that the total number of car parks supports a welcoming central city environment. It will also help our new central city travel network to stay uncongested.

This all adds up to well-located car parking that is readily accessible, without dominating city streets.

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Future demand for parking

The challenge to meet future demand for the central city is being met head on by Christchurch City Council and CERA. Read more about this.

Read Council's draft Parking Plan outlining guiding principles for providing and managing central city parking.

Read the An Accessible City transport chapter

An Accessible City cover

Accessible City plans for how we will avoid congested streets in the future as more people live in and travel to the central city as a destination.

Read An Accessible City (with District Plan provisions) [PDF 5MB]
This is the full version of the chapter containing the District Plan provisions.

Read An Accessible City (with District Plan provisions) [MS WORD DOC MB]

The chapter builds on the Christchurch City Council's 'Share an Idea' campaign and resulting draft Central City Plan, and on decisions made in the Recovery Plan released on 31 July 2012. It also draws on the Greater Christchurch Recovery Strategy, the Christchurch Transport Strategic Plan and the Regional Public Passenger Transport Plan.