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Central Christchurch’s built environment needs to be safe, accessible, and people friendly. This will benefit everyone, and help make the central city a top-tier destination for locals and tourists alike.

So how do we make sure this happens?

An Accessible City is a new chapter that replaces pages 89 to 94 of the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan, focused on the way people travel into and around the city, and how the streets will look as the central area redevelops.

We want to make sure An Accessible City lives up to its title. The transport system needs to be affordable, resilient, environmentally sustainable and practical. The streets, cycleways and walkways need to work well with the buildings and public spaces.

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The chapter builds on the Christchurch City Council’s ‘Share an Idea’ campaign and resulting draft Central City Plan, and on decisions made in the Recovery Plan released on 31 July 2012. It also draws on the Greater Christchurch Recovery Strategy, the Christchurch Transport Strategic Plan and the Regional Public Passenger Transport Plan

An Accessible City includes big-picture information on:

  • future road layouts
  • providing for pedestrians, cycles, public transport and private vehicles
  • speed zones and streetscapes
  • parking
  • service vehicle requirements.

An online map viewer of prioritised routes for different travel modes is available.
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Decisions have already been made on the location of the city’s “Anchor Projects” and their implications are outlined. Detailed design of streets, intersections and other elements are beyond the scope of this document.

An Accessible City – Transport chapter finalised


Read An Accessible City

Read An Accessible City (with District Plan provisions) [PDF 5MB]
This is the full version of the chapter containing the District Plan provisions.

Read An Accessible City (with District Plan provisions) [MS WORD DOC MB]
This is the full version of the chapter containing the District Plan provisions in Microsoft Word.

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