Feature Project

The East Frame: a new inner city community
The East Frame will redefine inner city living in Christchurch and provide real choices for people wanting to live central and capture the energy of the re-emerging city.
Government Accommodation
Thirteen government departments and Crown agencies will occupy new office space in the CBD. Retail is available on the ground floor of each development. The remaining office space will be tenanted by other businesses making the developments vibrant and multi-purpose.
Cricket Oval
The Hagley Oval development provides a first class cricket wicket and boutique pavillion set in the idyllic Hagley Park where cricket has been played for over 160 years. The ground is within walking distance of the city and will enable Christchurch to be part of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.
Central Library
Christchurch needs a new, much larger central library. Integrating with the Square and the Convention Centre, the facility will be a community hub of knowledge, research, and heritage.
Innovation Precinct
A new Innovation Precinct will be a catalyst for creativity, increased exports and productivity. Working with projects like the EPIC Innovation Campus, and drawing on best practices from around the world, the Precinct aims to become a critical part of New Zealand’s thriving, knowledge-rich innovation ecosystem.
Justice and Emergency Services Precinct
The Justice and Emergency Services Precinct will bring together Police, Courts, Corrections, and Justice as well as related emergency services St John Ambulance, NZ Fire Service, and civil defence.
Health Precinct
A world-class hub for health education, research and innovation will be established next to Christchurch Hospital.
Retail Precinct
Central Christchurch will offer destination retail in vibrant, pedestrian-friendly settings.
Te Puna Ahurea Cultural Centre
Te Puna Ahurea will be a world class centre for celebrating Ngāi Tahu and Māori culture, and acknowledging Christchurch’s place within the Pacific.
Performing Arts Precinct
The Performing Arts Precinct will offer facilities for theatre, music, dance, and other expressive forms.
The Frame
The Frame will reshape central Christchurch. By defining a central city Core, and providing new green space alongside a range of commercial and residential development opportunities, it brings cutting-edge urban design solutions to issues of land supply and diversification.
The Stadium
Sports! Concerts! Fun! A large multi-purpose entertainment venue will bring spectacular events to central Christchurch.
Bus Interchange
Excellent public transport and car parking are essential to a vibrant city centre. The Bus Interchange is the hub of a passenger-friendly network that grows over time to serve Christchurch's needs.
Convention Centre Precinct
A world-class Convention Centre will attract business, events, and conferences to Christchurch. Supported by hotels and public transport, and co-ordinating with facilities in other cities, this precinct will help grow the economic base of the region.
Residential Demonstration Project
A diverse residential population in central Christchurch will help drive business and foster thriving city life. ‘Breathe’, the new urban village project, will create a showcase development near Latimer Square.
Metro Sports Facility
The Metro Sports Facility will be a world-class venue and centre of excellence, accessible to people of all ages, abilities and sporting skills.
The Earthquake Memorial
The Canterbury Earthquake Memorial will be a thoughtfully designed space where small groups or individuals can pay respect on the banks of Ōtākaro/Avon River.
The Square
The Square will once again be the civic heart of central Christchurch.
Te Papa Ōtākaro/Avon River Precinct
Te Papa Ōtākaro will include Victoria Square and be part of the central city's spiritual and aesthetic identity. The visual contrast between the curving river and the linear grid of the streets is a key element of the city's distinctive urban form.

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