The Plan

Christchurch Central Recovery Plan

The Christchurch Central Recovery Plan (CCRP) outlines the future development of central Christchurch.

It incorporates a spatial Blueprint Plan developed by a professional consortium working with the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority's Christchurch Central Development Unit (CCDU) over a 100 day period.

It was released to the public on 30 July 2012.

  • Christchurch Central Recovery Plan [PDF 11MB]
    This version of the Recovery Plan document is full page spreads, ideal for printing on A3 paper, so that large maps and diagrams can be viewed on one page.

Appendix 1

Appendix 1 cover thumbnailPursuant to section 24 of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Act 2011 (“CER Act”), the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan has directed the inclusion and removal of specific objectives, policies, rules and other methods in Christchurch City Council’s District Plan (also referred to as the “City Plan”).

Section 24 does not entitle a Recovery Plan to direct amendment of descriptions, explanatory guidance and statements, reasons, anticipated outcomes, implementation and/or monitoring provisions. As such, these matters are not included within the amendments directed.

The amendments are to be made by Christchurch City Council as soon as practicable without the use of Schedule 1 of the Resource Management Act 1991 or any other formal public process.

An Accessible City - the transport chapter

"An Accessible City" is an addendum to the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan and replaces the transport chapter, pages 89 to 94 inclusive.

Read more about An Accessible City here »


Anchor projects overview cover thumbnail

Anchor Projects Overview

An overview document published in February 2014, providing details of scope and indicative timelines for Anchor Project delivery.


Christchurch Central Recovery Plan – Anchor Projects and Precincts Map

Christchurch Central Anchor Projects map thumbnailThe CCRP Anchor Projects and Precincts Map map, published September 2013,  clearly illustrates the location and lead agency responsible for of each of the Anchor Projects in the central city. 

Christchurch Central: Anchor Projects and Private Sector Progress Map online

An interactive online version of the map is also available, showing progressively updated information about the Anchor Projects, and the locations of some of the more prominent private constructions in the central city. View the map online here:

An earlier version of a central city map that accompanied the Blueprint is still available here: Anchor Projects Map - (A3) [PDF 850K]


The Blueprint Plan

The Blueprint Plan provides a spatial framework for central Christchurch. It describes the form in which the central city can be rebuilt as a whole, and defines the locations of 'anchor' projects, which will stimulate further development.

We have provided the Blueprint Plan in two file sizes. If you want a copy for personal use, the smaller file downloads more quickly and prints well at sizes A4 and A3. If you want a high resolution version to be professionally printed in a bigger size, the larger file prints well at sizes A1 and A0.


Status and effect of the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan

Under the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Act 2011, a Recovery Plan must be developed for the central business district (CBD) – the area bounded by Bealey, Fitzgerald, Moorhouse, Deans and Harper Avenues.

The Christchurch Central Recovery Plan is a critical statutory document. From the time of notification (31 July 2012) of this Recovery Plan, those exercising functions or powers under the Resource Management Act 1991 must not make decisions that are inconsistent with the Recovery Plan. These functions and powers include decisions on resource consents, and preparing or changing planning documents. The Recovery Plan can also require that specific objectives, policies and methods are included in or removed from statutory documents. If there is an inconsistency, the Recovery Plan prevails.

This Recovery Plan directs the Christchurch City Council to make a series of changes to its District Plan to ensure the objectives of the Recovery Plan are met. These are contained in Appendix 1.