The Plan

Christchurch Central Recovery Plan

Christchurch Central Recovery Plan cover imageThe vision is for central Christchurch to be vibrant and well-formed, to attract people to live, work, play, learn, stay and invest. It will be safe, accessible to everyone and responsive to future changes.

The Christchurch Central Recovery Plan (Recovery Plan) outlines how the vision can be achieved in three ways:

  1. define the form of the central city
  2. set out the locations of key anchor projects to encourage investment and growth
  3. outline block plans to show what the city could look like in the future.

The community's aspirations for a green, vibrant, accessible and prosperous city are reflected in the Blueprint Plan, the anchor projects, and other projects included in the Recovery Plan.

The Recovery Plan and Amendments to Christchurch City Council’s District Plan Appendix 1 were released to the public on 30 July 2012.

Read the Recovery Plan [PDF, 11MB]
Read the Amendments to Christchurch City Council's District Plan Appendix 1 [PDF, 2MB]
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Ideas to RealityRead Ideas to Reality.

Ideas to Reality follows on from the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan (CCRP) and celebrates the progress of the rebuild, and the regeneration of Christchurch since the Blueprint plan was revealed in July 2012.

Showing how the Anchor Projects, major projects and private and community investment are enhancing the city, Ideas to Reality identifies the many positive changes that have happened since the ground stopped shaking and illustrates an exciting vision of the future.


View the Ideas to Reality timeline.

The Ideas to Reality Timeline depicts the transition from earthquakes and aftershocks to demolitions, rebuilding and on-going regeneration of our 21st century city.



Additional Chapters to the Recovery Plan:

An Accessible City

In October 2013 An Accessible City was released An Accessible City outlines plans for a transport system that will support the recovery of the central city of Chistchurch. This replaces the transport chapter of the Recovery Plan.
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A Liveable City

A Liveable City was announced in July 2014. A Liveable City is a residential chapter that contains a vision and objectives for central city living. To help central Christchurch recover and thrive it includes several initiatives to stimulate development of housing communities.
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Addendums to the Recovery Plan:

On 11 December 2014, two addendums to the Christchurch City Council's District Plan were released:

Noise and Entertainment Provisions

In July and August 2014 the Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery sought written public comment on draft amendments to the current noise and entertainment provisions for the cnetral city. After considering comment on draft ammendments, the Minister approved the final Noise and Entertainment Provisions pursuant to section 22 of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Act 2011.
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South Frame

The South Frame document, released in December 2014, is an addendum to the Recovery Plan.  It contains text that further defines the South Frame anchor project. It also contains amendments to the Christchurch City Council's District Plan.
Find out more about the South Frame

The Blueprint Plan

The Blueprint Plan image

The Blueprint Plan provides a spatial framework for central Christchurch. It shows the new central city layout and defines the locations of anchor projects.