The Plan

Christchurch Central Recovery Plan

The Christchurch Central Recovery Plan (CCRP) outlines the future development of central Christchurch.

It incorporates a spatial Blueprint Plan developed by a professional consortium working with the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority's Christchurch Central Development Unit (CCDU) over a 100 day period.

It was released to the public on 30 July 2012.

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Draft amendments to the CCRP

The Christchurch Central Recovery Plan outlines a vision for a distinctive central city. To help the recovery and revitalisation of the central city, the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority has developed draft amendments to the Recovery Plan.

The comment period for the South Frame Planning Framework, the Review of Central City Noise Provisions and A Liveable City has closed.

To view information about these draft amendments, click one of the images below:

Internal link to the South Frame Planning Framework webpageInternal link to the Review of Central City Noise Provisions webpageInternal link to A Liveable City webpage

The draft Recovery Plan amendments contain proposed changes to the Christchurch City District Plan. The public comment period for the draft amendments overlaps with preliminary consultation that Christchurch City Council is undertaking on a review of the Christchurch City Council's City Plan (known as the District Plan, produced under the Resource Management Act 1991). The City Plan changes proposed through the draft Recovery Plan amendments are not within the scope of the review of the Christchurch City Council's District Plans – while the content is related, the processes are separate.

Any finalised changes introduced through the draft amendments will be inserted into the City Plan in accordance with section 24 of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Act 2011 subject to the Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery’s decision.