The Frame

Te Tāparepare

The Frame will reshape central Christchurch. By defining a central city Core, and providing new green space alongside a range of commercial and residential development opportunities, it brings cutting-edge urban design solutions to issues of land supply and diversification.

Redefining the central city

The Frame sets out three main sections – East, South, and North – that define a compact central Christchurch Core. Together with new zoning provisions this reduces the central city area, addressing the oversupply of land.

More intensity, more walking, more attractive

Advantages of the Frame include:

  • adding visual and open space amenity, which will get people back into the city to enjoy walking, cycling, and playing
  • reflecting the community vision for a green, distinctive, vibrant and accessible city
  • providing an attractive campus-style environment for businesses
  • supporting a greater choice of housing to attract a diverse range of residents
  • reducing the need for District Plan rules to control development.

It will also help increase the value of properties generally across the central city.

Three distinct areas

The Frame’s three main sections each have their own distinct character, while the Urban Gateways in the north-west and south-east will provide vibrant entry points to the central city.

The East Frame is the largest, incorporating open spaces, cycle paths and walkways, residential developments, and opportunities for cafes and restaurants. It will include a large-scale playground for children, landscaped areas, and space for hosting festivals and community events.

The South Frame has a key role to play in establishing the structure that will promote an accessible, green and vibrant central city.  As well as defining the southern end of the Core, it will include open-space corridors that link the Innovation Precinct in the east to the Health Precinct in the west.

The North Frame links Te Papa Ōtākaro/Avon River Precinct and Victoria Square and encourages complementary development.

Key facts

  • delivers a more compact city Core while diversifying opportunities for investment and development
  • three main sections – East, South, and North
  • addresses many supply, diversification, and regulatory issues
  • allows the Core to expand in the future if needed.